Monday, September 10, 2012

My favorite book on plotting

One of the things I promised myself I would do with this blog is acknowledge the books that got me as far as I have gotten with JIHAD COMIX, a novel I've been taking notes on for about five years. That means there has to be at least one post exclusively about Martha Alderson's extraordinary book THE PLOT WHISPERER, which got me back on track about three months ago. I am deeply in this volume's debt, and from what I read at Amazon, I am not the only writer who feels that way.

This has got to be the tenth or twelfth on-line shout-out I've offered this book in various platforms. Any more, and it start to will look like I'm obsessing. I'm not. I'm just profoundly grateful to have found a resource that finally unlocked the door of this piece.

I'll use this post to make three final points about this book, and then I won't bring it up again. There are plenty of other debts to acknowledge as we plunge forward toward the goal of a completed first draft by November 30 as part of National Novel Writing Month. This debt, however, is a big one.

First, I didn't even know what plotting actually was before I ran into this book. I thought I did, but I didn't. That means there's at least a chance you may be mistaken about what it is, too, so this is definitely a reason to buy the book and read it now. (Hint: It involves your protagonist, and you, more deeply than you may imagine.)

Second, if you, like me, are getting ready for NaNoWriMo and you have not yet gotten clear on what the story elements of your novel are supposed to be, this is the book to read and now is definitely the time to read it.

Third, I do not have any arrangement with Ms. Alderson or anyone else to promote this book. I just use it a lot. It is the single best story development resource I've ever come across. If you are a storyteller and you have not yet aligned your tale with the Universal Story that this book shares, I predict that you will come to wish you had.