Wednesday, October 17, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Synonyms for SAID ... Post This


added - to embellish or enhance an argument

continued - to further an earlier point

stated - to say, usually confined to quotes or paraphrases from documents, or to official statements

announced - to declare publicly or formally

asserted to state positively, with great confidence but no objective proof

commented - to make a remark to explain, interpret, or criticize

declared - to make known clearly and openly

observed - to mention casually

remarked- to make a brief, casual statement of opinion

reported - to give an account of; to carry message; to give a formal statement

acknowledged - implies reluctant disclosure of something that might have been a secret

admitted - implies reluctance to disclose, grant, or concede, and usually refers to facts rather than their implication

affirmed - implies deep conviction and unlikelihood of contradiction

alleged - to assert or declare, especially without proof

avowed - implies boldly declaring, often in the face of hostility

conceded - similar to acknowledge and admit

confessed - may apply to an admission of a weakness, failure, omission, or guilt

disclosed - to reveal something previously concealed

divulged - to reveal something that should have remained secret or private, which may imply a breach of confidence

revealed - to make something known that had been secret or hidden

begged - to ask pleadingly in a humble or earnest manner

demanded - to ask for boldly or urgently

implored - to ask with great fervor, implying desperation or great distress

insisted- to demand strongly, to declare firmly

pleaded - to answer a legal charge, to offer as an excuse or defense, to implore or beg

answered - to respond to a question

explained - to make an explanation

rejoined - to answer an objection

replied - to answer a question or comment

responded - to reply to a question or comment

retorted - to reply to a charge or criticism in a sharp, witty way

returned - to reply to a charge or criticism in a sharp, witty way; to answer an objection

contended - to argue or dispute
countered to dispute

emphasized - to stress

exclaimed - to speak suddenly or vehemently

maintained - to assert, to support by argument, to affirm

proclaimed - to announce officially
proposed to set forth a design or plan

hinted - implies slight or remote suggestion

implied - similar to suggest, but may indicate a more definite or logical relation of the unexpressed idea to the expressed

insinuated - refers to conveying a usually unpleasant idea in a sly, underhanded manner

intimated - stresses delicacy of suggestion

suggested - to propose as a possibility, to convey indirectly by putting an idea into the mind by association

barked - to speak or shout sharply

bellowed - to roar, to cry out loudly in anger or fear

cackled - to laugh cynically or sneer; implies sinister intent

cried - to call loudly for help, to shout, to sob, to weep

croaked - to make a sound like a frog or raven, to talk dismally

declaimed - to speak in a pompous way or deliver a tirade

drawled - to speak in a way that prolongs the vowels

joked - to make a joke

mumbled - to utter inarticulate or almost inaudible sounds

murmured - to speak in a low, indistinct voice

muttered - to speak angry or discontented words in a low, indistinct voice

roared - to utter a loud, deep sound

scolded - to find fault with angrily

shouted - to make a loud cry or call

shrieked - to make a loud, piercing cry or sound

wailed - to express grief or pain through long, loud cries

whispered - to speak softly, especially to avoid being overheard


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