Monday, December 3, 2012

50,000 words, 25,000 words I might actually use

Item One: It was a very good month, November of 2012. I had this dream of being able to read my first draft from beginning to end on December 1, but in reality I got something better from #NaNoWriMo: A daily routine. I am now holding myself to 1000 (not 1667!) words a day.

Item two: Now that the fever shakes of November have passed, I will be able to post here a little more regularly.

Item three: The first 14,000 or so words of the piece are beginning to look viable. After that, mind the gap. If you are working on a novel of your own and
would like to swap chapters for feedback/critique, drop me a line.

Item four: I hit the (gerund-adjective) goal! Happy dance!