Sunday, February 3, 2013

APE, Kawasaki and the "Publishing Spring"

There was indeed a revolution, one with global implications, playing out over the last couple of years. But it wasn't in the Arab world.  It was on Kindles and iPads. This revolution has transformed the world publishing.

Guy Kawasaki calls it "Publishing Spring" in his essential book APE: How to Publish a Book, coauthored with Shawn Welch. For those of us who write for a living or promote others who do, this volume, regardless of whether you encounter it in its virtual or physical form, is as must-read as must-read gets.

As a novelist, nonfiction author, and nonfiction editor, I fall into multiple categories here, and must take multiple perspectives on the complex world of publishing. From all of those perspectives, I am grateful to Mr. Kawasaki for this updated map of the New World we must all navigate. If you, like me, are invested in the written word in multiple ways, and you haven't yet read APE, you should. Now.

It is not quite accurate to call this a "gospel" of Authoring, Publishing, and, yes, Entrepreneuring in our time. (That's where the weird title comes in, as you've probably already worked out.) Gospels, after all, stay fixed. This book, as Kawasaki and Welch are  quick to point out at the outset, is more akin to the Chicago Manual of Style: authoritative upon release, conditioned upon rapidly changing circumstances, and updated as needed.

APE has already given me a lot to think about with regard to my plans for +Jihadi, and I suspect it will change a lot more paradigms before it is through. If there is a more important piece of writing out there about publishing in the twenty-first century, I don't know what it is.

Buy this and read it. If only because it is cool enough to include a link to this video in the e-book version: