Sunday, March 17, 2013

Flash Fiction: The Apocalypse Collective

It's been a wild ride on +Ksenia Anske 's Bunny Apocalypse flash fiction project. I just wanted to take this opportunity (before the end of the world as we know it) to thank her and all the members of the newly dedicated Apocalypse Collective. I do hope we get to work together again soon, and want to propose a date of, hmm, NOW to discuss the next project, whatever it might be.

Share your brilliant ideas on the next Apocalypse Collective project below, please -- and thank you thank you thank you to our quarterback Ksenia and to +Dustin McKenzie , +C.M. Albert , +Becky Flade , +Seth Werkheiser , +David Eccles , +Rosalind Nazilli , +Kai Kiriyama , +Mistress S , +Sandra Hould , +Aliaa El-Nashar , +Andrew Hovenden , +Lori Lesko , +Douglas Karlson , @JLlicea, @michel_lee_king, @barrynova,  @mconeill2, @coreyalex, @agirlmadasabird, and @writer_danielle.

I'll go first: ZOMBIE WHITE HOUSE. A dedicated family of the walking dead overcome their differences to elect the first Zombie president. Zombies across the country rejoice. (Other suggestions? Hmm?)