Monday, March 18, 2013

Hannah Ruth Levinson is a filmmaker working on an immigration documentary in Charlotte ...

... and has a cool #crowdfunding initiative going to support her powerful new film FROM THE BACK OF THE LINE (trailer below). She writes: "Through digital filmmaking, we aim to tell the personal stories of undocumented immigrants living, working, and raising families in Charlotte.".

+Hannah Levinson and her crew are doing good work here in North Carolina, reminding us that even though we are all immigrants hereabouts, some of us have more obstacles to deal with than others.

Hannah needs a measly three thousand bucks to finish FROM THE BACK OF THE LINE, which looks to me like an important film. People are kicking in ten, twenty, and thirty bucks at a time here. Maybe you could, too.

Hannah, when you hit your goal, will you tell me your top ten novels of all time? Hope so!