Thursday, March 14, 2013

The opposite of identity theft (from +David Eccles)

Five years ago, a weirdo stole my identity and started buying stuff with a credit card I never applied for.

I started chasing myself around the country, wondering what terrible thing I had most recently done or said. Every day, there was always something new and nasty that I had supposedly done. ("Hey! I just changed my address again!" "Hey! I just stole a phone!" "Hey! I'm wanted by the police!")

The opposite of identity theft is what +David Eccles , one of twenty partners in the Bunny Apocalypse flash fiction project, did here. David went out of his way to find every vaguely interesting or praiseworthy thing I had done over the past decade, and made me do it all over again without even realizing it. ("Hey! I'm humorous! I should tell people!")

With +Becky Flade, David wrote the initial (and perhaps most difficult) chapters of the Bunny Apocalypse chapters. They set up a great yarn, and they deserve extra porridge for that. David also knows a good set of virtual bunny ears when he sees them. Becky, still a little shy about putting on the ears online. Perhaps some childhood trauma involving coneys.

Anyroad. David's a good lad, a funny individual in both sense of that word, a card-carrying multiculturalist, and a relentless advocate on behalf of the protection of that fearfuly endangered species, beards. Follow him on Twitter at @vikingbeard and you will have a good friend by lunch. And maybe a beard. It's contagious, you know.

Do check out +Ksenia Anske's  blog for a reliable bunny chortle or three, all this week. Someone interesting is going up there today, I hear. I might just be posting about that in a view hours.