Sunday, April 7, 2013

The beta readers weigh in on my novel JIHADI

Some highlights from the comments from beta readers of the current manuscript for my novel JIHADI:

"Congratulations! It engages the reader in a very deep way, and I couldn't help but note the influence of Nabokov, combined with a stark note of realism that reminded me of Pushkin and Orhan Pamuk's works, combined. Am I right? The manner with which it is written, succeeds in conveying the mental and psychological angst, to the point that it had me completely absorbed in the story that is being told. Am in awe, and must admit not having read anything of such depth in a very very long time!" +Nina MJ 

"It sucked me in and I finished sooner than I thought. Some great plot twists! This is great stuff." +C.M. Skiera  

"Loved this so far. Definitely in anguish to discover the pages after Raisin's account of his dream were blank ones. Ack! I really liked the story/footnotes device you've used to tell the story. I think it's really effective and allows you to maintain excellent pacing." +Madison Dusome 

"Your book is a masterpiece." +L. T. Dalin 

Well, maybe eventually. It is still in process. And there are a lot of more specific notes on improving this book from these and other devoted beta readers, to whom I am grateful. That people still want to read more after having completed the bit I have deemed Ready for Prime Time is heartening.

Once upon a time, I pushed myself to commit finishing a full draft of JIHADI by July 15 of this year. Then I listened to +N. Dionisio and decided I had better just hit my daily word counts and then let the book tell me when it was done.

So that's the plan. Insofar as there is one. But the lack of a clear plan might just be an adventure in itself.

If you are interested in beta reading any portion of the first 25,000 or so words of JIHADI, let me know. I value and closely consider all critiques. You can read Chapter One of JIHADI here.