Monday, May 13, 2013

Landmark Forum Is ...

...the very best, most effective personal development program out there, in my experience. I finished the basic program in late April in Greensboro, North Carolina. It is not always easy. It is sometimes boring. It is usually exhilarating. But it is indispensable, and I wish I had done it twenty years ago.

... not a cult. If you think +Landmark Education is a cult, then you have probably been reading about it or hearing about it at second or third hand. You have probably not been talking to graduates. I went in a Muslim, got all there was for me to get, and came out a Muslim. A better one, too. Some people may mistake the aggressive marketing that is structured into the program for cultishness. Nope. My friends: This is America. Marketing is kind of what we do here. If trying to generate referrals makes something into a cult, then I think we had better start writing ominous stories about how the Disney organization is a cult, or how Sandler Sales Training is a cult, or how Tony Robbins runs a cult. None of which is true. You do not give up your identity in order to complete this program.

... hard to summarize, and probably best left unsummarized. It's experiential, not something you read or memorize. In order to reinforce what I got in my own life, though, I reserve the right to drop in little tidbit now and then in this blog. For instance, this Landmark graduate wrote a review that reminded me of a key point: "When something happens, just ask yourself why you're telling yourself the story that you're telling yourself -- and ask yourself if it's a fact, or a story."

... something you come back to over and over again. As +Brandi Mazesticeon told me in my phone preparation for the weekend in Greensboro, the Forum begins before it begins and continues after it ends. I am striving now to surround myself with Forum graduates, and if that sounds like cultish behavior to you, I invite you to surround yourself with graduates for a while and test whether that is still how you feel.

So: If you are committed to re-experiencing what you got in the Forum, please let me know, because I would like to connect with you.