Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hyperbole: Another trick stolen shamelessly from Shakespeare

"You tell Mother and the entire universe," Noura said, "that everyone I meet is a hallucination, but what does that make you?" 
My eyes at the moment of the apparitions by August Natterer, a German artist who created many drawings of his hallucinations.

Above, a representative sentence from yesterday's 504 words on my novel JIHADI. A character in my story sometimes indulges in  hyperbole.

According to the glossary of literary terms, hyperbole is "a grossly exaggerated description or statement."

While researching this post, I recalled that hyperbole is one of Shakespeare's favorite tricks, and one well worth stealing. (I steal as many of his tricks as I can.) In MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, Shakespeare makes Beatrice say of Benedick: "He is sooner caught than the pestilence and the taker runs presently mad." 

You can read the current chapter excerpt from my novel JIHADI by clicking here if you want a longer look.

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