Wednesday, June 26, 2013

MONOLOGUE: Stolen Shakespearean Literary Device #1

So -- based on what I am seeing in the numbers, it makes sense to focus this blog's daily writing totals on the ideas I steal from Shakespeare. That seems to be what interests people, and I certainly have enough material to work with. Stealing from Shakespeare was good enough for Nabokov; it's damn well good enough for me.

A Shakespearean monologue differs from an aside or a soliloquy in that it is spoken in "real time" in front of other people who are onstage. (A soliloquy, by contrast, is a speech delivered while a character is alone onstage; it presents the inner workings of the person's mind, directly to the audience.)

Among the more famous Shakespearean monologues is Henry V's "Once more unto the breach" speech, here delivered powerfully by Kenneth Branagh in his masterful film version:

I am classifying a "monologue" in the novelistic sense as an extended real-time speech from one person to one or more audible listeners who are also in that scene. Here is a sentence from a monologue that appears in JIHADI:

You get all the big themes now, if you want them: Freedom, Danger, Courage, so on, and make no mistake, T, it's quite a coup, talking about that kind of stuff in front of a group of this pedigree, and about Sacrifice, we can't forget Sacrifice.

You can read the entirety of Chapter One of my novel JIHADI by clicking here if you want a longer look.

510 words yesterday. Every day, every day, every day I write the book.

Hello again to all you writers and readers and thinkers I admire:  +L. T. Dalin 
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