Thursday, June 27, 2013

SOLILOQUY: Stolen Shakespeare Literary Device #2

Soliloquy: A speech, usually lengthy, in which a character, alone on stage, expresses his or her thoughts aloud. The soliloquy allows the dramatist to convey a character's most intimate thoughts and feelings directly to the audience.

As I pointed out yesterday, a Shakespearean soliloquy differs from a monologue, which is spoken in the presence of other characters.

Now think about a novel. When does a first-person narrative become a soliloquy? When does it stop being one? A good dinner-table topic for some long evening with close friends.

The most famous soliloquy in the English language is Hamlet's "To be or not to be," but I won't be bothering you with that. You may well be sick of it.

Below, the villian Iago's in-your-face explanation to the audience of exactly what he plans to do to "enmesh them all." It's a perfect example of a soliloquy (not a monologue, as the YouTube description mistakenly attests). Why? Because if any other character in Othello were to overhear this battle plan, the play would be over! Here, the audience becomes a secret co-conspirator in the plot.

Below, a sentence from one of Firestone's soliloquies in my novel JIHADI.

Spurred by the present White Album track, I have just ordered a bowl of onion soup, though I doubt it will live up to my vivid memories of my mother's recipe: the delicate, translucent, caramelized pearls heaped atop and strewn throughout; the subtle touch of cinnamon; the broth of white wine that some would now condemn as hellfuel; central object, central ritual of those glorious candlelit Salem Thanksgivings of hers, soon to be rekindled.

You can read the entirety of Chapter One of my novel JIHADI by clicking here if you want a longer look.

575 words yesterday. Every day, every day, every day I write the book.

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