Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yet More Words of Encouragement from the Teeming Millions on JIHADI

This nice note came in from +Rocky Cole on the six-years-in-the-making video excerpt from Chapter One of +JIHADI (novel by Brandon Toropov) , (which video can be found here):

Brandon, I liked what I heard. We all write at our own pace. I will note that Barry Eisler's first John Rain novel was begun in 1997 and finally published in 2002. He went for slow quality. Keep writing. -- Rocky Cole

I have gotten similar words of encouragement from (among others) +L. T. Dalin , +Claudette Anne Pearson , +Paul Kater , +Sharon Ford , +Daoud Ali , +Adella Wright , +A. Wrighton , +Nina MJ , +C.M. Skiera , +Julie Griffith , and +Ksenia Anske on this obsession of mine. There are 82,000 words in the main file now, but I feel I can only vouch for 60,000 of them on a good day. The book, which thinks it will be 100,000 words long, now strides forward at a reliable pace of 600 words per day, Monday through Friday. Hold me to that.

Though I haven't personally heard from +Kurt Vonnegut , +Vladimir Nabokov , or +Toni Morrison (each of whom I consider a senior consultant on the project), I did stumble across this video, in which Ms. Morrison offers insights that have helped a great deal. My story, too, is drawn from a hidden, much-revised history, one whose most important details lie not in the official record, but within the human heart.

Only about a quarter of Chapter One has been posted in video form. I'm not sure whether I should post more. Stay tuned!