Saturday, September 21, 2013

Another plausible list of the greatest books of all time. Look who's on top! Nabokov!

This cool list, which polls contemporary established authors on their favorite "great" books, puts Nabokov at positions #1 and #10.

Why do I feel a sense of personal vindication? It's because I still run into people who think that LOLITA promotes child abuse, or who think PALE FIRE is "too confusing." Just keep turning the pages, and remember that reading something twice is okay.

Hemingway, another obsession of mine this year, posts well but does not crack the top ten. Shakespeare, too, which I guess means they're counting his plays as honorary novels. No mention of Victor Hugo in this poll. Sigh.

This good list also reminds me to prioritize the important authors I still need to read. Looks like Fitzgerald is next.