Saturday, September 28, 2013

Landmark Forum Takeaway #2: Don't Fix It

The complaints we use to drive through the day (for instance, "I don't have enough time") are something we may mistake for the reality of our lives. (Is there really a shortage of time?)

In attempting to "fix" that complaint (by imposing a solution that we imagine will, in this case, somehow create more time) we rob ourselves of Possibility in the moment. We rob ourselves of our own authenticity. ("The neighbors, with their loud party, are keeping me from concentrating and thereby wasting my time, of which I already have too little. I shall go berate them. That will create more time.")

By recognizing the complaint as a complaint, not as reality, we can create Possibility in the moment. For example:

I am committed to the Possibility of being Resourceful.

Pass the headphones!