Sunday, September 29, 2013

More than halfway home on JIHADI!

After six years of work, inclining to seven, I am on finally track to finish my draft of +JIHADI (novel by Brandon Toropov). Nineteen of thirty-one chapters are now ready for prime time.

The commitment now is to complete a chapter a week, wrap the first draft by December 10 of this year, let it rest for a couple of weeks, brush it up one more time, and then start circulating the manuscript among literary agents after the New Year. The total projected word count is 95,000. Of that, 55,000 is now finished and readable. There is another 35,000 or so words of scary-bad rough draft material. Much of the work to come will take the form of forays into that big, ominous file of extremely drafty text.

I am way pregnant, people, and the kid needs to come out. December 10 is my delivery date.

I am writing this blog post to put myself on the hook.

You can read the current chapter excerpt for JIHADI by clicking here if you want a longer look.

Every day, every day, every day I write the book.

Hello again to all you writers and readers and thinkers I admire:  +L. T. Dalin +Richard Gibney 
+Sharon Ford +Shar Banning +Elizabeth Einspanier +Ksenia Anske +Brandi Mazesticeon +C.M. Albert +Adella Wright +Brian Meeks +Paul Kater +Puddin' Tang +Paul Dinas +Kim K +lynn paden +Adrianna Joleigh +Becky Flade +Douglas Karlson +Madison Dusome +Claudette Anne Pearson +C.M. Skiera +Eustacia Tan +David Eccles +Mary Cain +Duncan Ellis +Becky Flade +kat Folland +N. Dionisio +James Mayes +Nina MJ  +Vladimir Nabokov  +Gavin Cruickshank +N. M. Scuri  +Ann Smyth +Christina Vani  +Dave Toropov +David Eccles +Julia Toropov +Stephen Toropov +Julie Griffith