Friday, September 20, 2013

THE PLOT WHISPERER's Four Parts of the Story (my battered roadmap for JIHADI)

Herewith, Margaret Alderson's Four Parts of the Story. This is summarized from her videos and her magnificent book THE PLOT WHISPERER, which, I submit, every writer and storyteller needs to buy, read, and read again. Click here to buy it on Amazon.
END OF THE BEGINNING. Forced out of the normal world, the protagonist faces a new and uncertain environment. This transition marks the end of Act I.
HALFWAY POINT. The protagonist's long-term Goal is now clear; a cast of supporting characters has emerged that reflect back to the protagonist elements he cannot see in himself. 
CRISIS. The protagonist faces his biggest challenge, and must make a big choice: Resist what is and become a victim, or yield to what is and become a victor.
CLIMAX AND RESOLUTION.  This is the highest point of energy in the story (climax) and everything that follows that (resolution). This transition comes shortly before the end of Act II. The story now turns toward the point where the protagonist is ready to re-enter the world ... but as someone who has been changed profoundly, learned a lesson, been transformed by the quest, etc.
Here's good video overview of the four-story-point-template (also known as a plot planner) from Martha Alderson.