Sunday, October 27, 2013

And a shout-out to my collaborator Fiona Apple

I am lying. That Fiona Apple (our generation's Piaf, our Ella, our Fiona) is usually my first or second choice when it comes to background music while I'm writing Jihadi does not entitle her to any portion of my royalties. It does, however, earn her an acknowledgment here, for spurring me on, and for recording what has turned into Becky Firestone's unofficial theme song, GET HIM BACK.

There is a pun in the title phrase. I wonder how many people grasp it. I don't think Becky does, but then she's cagy about such things.

Above is a not-to-be-missed performance of GET HIM BACK and a straight-ahead interview with Fiona, back when EXTRAORDINARY MACHINE was first released. She is, as host Craig Ferguson points out, a "very complicated person," and I'm one of those too, and bless her for what she's done with it. I hope to meet her at a good party sometime and thank her for her uncompromising words, for her powerful personal example, for her courage, for not apologizing for her own identity, and for taking as much time as required to finish the damn record.