Thursday, November 14, 2013

#JIHADI: The final chapters of the novel ... and a word of encouragement from Elvis Costello

My novel #JIHADI is about an American citizen accused of terrorism.

With 27 of 33 chapters of the novel complete, there is just no doubt about it -- I am pulling into the final stretch, and will, Godwilling, have a presentable COMPLETE draft of my novel #JIHADI on or before December 10, 2013. #Alhamdulillah, #praisethelord. Looking like 115,000 words now. Every day I write the book in the wee hours of the morning. (Cue #ElvisCostello.)

So .... everyone whose G+ handle I'm about to mention has been ridiculously generous with time, attention, critique, and/or moral support over the past year or two as I've taken my bulging, half-decade-old file of notes and false starts and turned it into (gasp!) a manuscript that people can actually read.

The purpose of this blog post is twofold. This post is here to...

a) Thank you, all those whose names appear below,  for your generous support and encouragement of the project thus far and

b) Ask you: Do you want me to send you a PDF of the full draft of Jihadi when it's ready ... in return for a brief (five sentences or more) written critique sharing your feedback?

You can email me, or reply via the blog, with your response. (And if your name doesn't appear in the list below, and you'd like to beta-read the complete draft of Jihadi, you can email me about that.)

+Adella Wright
+Ann Smyth
+Ksenia Anske
+L. T. Dalin
+Adrianna Joleigh
+Daoud Ali / +Daoud Ali Chavez
+Quesiyah Ali
+Julie Griffith
+Mary Cain
+C.M. Skiera
+Brian Meeks
+Paul Kater
+Kim K
+Brandi Mazesticeon
+Sharon Ford
+Puddin' Tang
+Lisa Cohen
+Dionne Lister
+N. M. Scuri
+Nina MJ
+N. Dionisio
+Shar Banning
+Ellis Bell
+Catharina Lindgren
+Eustacia Tan
+Elizabeth Einspanier
+Giselle Minoli
+Richard Gibney
+Rachel Howe
+Reazul Islam
+A Long
+Laura Klein
+Lorrie Porter
+Martha Alderson
+David Eccles
+John Ward
+Aalia Khan Yousafzai
+Cat DuFoe
+Sarah Rios
+june seghni
+Emily L
+Giselle Minoli
+Madison Dusome
+Douglas Karlson
+Yussef Ikla
+A. J. Sefton
+Siobhan Muir
+Jessica Ralston
+Tressa Green
+Dee Solberg
+Becka McIntosh
+Becky Flade

LAST BUT NOT LEAST: +Elvis Costello and +Fiona Apple, you have provided many words and chords of encouragement along the way -- even though I haven't actually corresponded with you yet. So have you, +Paul McCartney, now that I come to think of it.  So if any or all of you three Muses would like to look at the PDF of the novel, just let me know.