Sunday, November 17, 2013

#JIHADI on #Pinterest (and a shot of my beloved #cat Paprika)

It still boggles my mind how few males use Pinterest.

This HuffPost article says 72% of the site's users are female. To me, Pinterest is a seamless, easy-to-use visual platform that gives you instant access to images that connect to just about any topic, pursuit, or obsession you can name -- and then connects you with people who share the same interest. Nothing particularly gender-driven about any of that, at least not that I can make out. Perhaps women are more likely than men to share family-, fashion-, and hobby-related pictures?

Anyway, here is my Pinterest page. Follow me and I will follow you back.

Specifically, here is the Pinterest board for my novel Jihadi. Ditto.

Below, a picture of my #cat Paprika. She shows up on Pinterest, where I acknowledger her to be my faithful, if fitful, November collaborator as I bring the draft of Jihadi in for a landing. With her help, I might just complete it this month, but certainly by December 10, as scheduled, inshaAllah. 28 chapters down ... five to go!

My novel Jihadi is about an American citizen who is accused of terrorism. You can read the first three pages here.