Saturday, November 2, 2013

Queenie Eye (Paul McCartney): A list of all (?) the celebrity cameos

Below, a list of celebrities who appear in the video for this week's favorite writing music. (I am now on chapter 24 of JIHADI, by the way. Nine to go.)

You may find more celebrities. I'm a Beatle freak, not a celebrity freak. The album from which "Queenie Eye" comes, NEW, is astonishing.

The "Queenie Eye" lyrics appear to me to be a set of instructions for excellence. I have shared them as such so far with +Richard Gibney and (obliquely) +Adella Wright, two standout beta readers of the past month. Having posted this, I intend to follow the "Queenie Eye" instructions and get back to work. Er, play.


Paul McCartney

(and in alphabetical order...)

Laura Bailey

Gary Barlow

Lily Cole

James Corden

Johnny Depp

Alice Eve

Tom Ford

Jeremy Irons

Jude Law

Giles Martin

Kate Moss

Sean Penn

Chris Pine

Jack Savoretti

Meryl Streep

Tracey Ullman

Remaining mysteries: The first dancing woman? The woman reading the red book? Feel free to pitch in.