Saturday, December 7, 2013

Good news for Mary Cain, #RileyAkers, and @swoonreads

Below, the happy ending to the spamming epidemic that temporarily marred the rave reviews for Riley Akers' gasp-inducing YA novel Paper Cuts, which is now kicking tail over at Swoonreads.

Kudos to +Swoon Reads for fixing this as quickly and as gracefully as they did. They just proved #crowdsourcing doesn't have to fall prey to people who try to game the system.
+Mary Cain  is the real-life Riley Akers. Moral: Be nice to her. Don't mess with her. Treat her with respect. She's going to be bigger than Quentin Tarantino very shortly.
I'm already mentally casting the movie version of #PaperCuts. Stay tuned.