Saturday, December 28, 2013

#JIHADI, the novel with the best beta readers in the world

Whatever else may be going around the world to fulfill that ancient Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times," it's a blessed time in human history to be writing a first novel.

That's something I've been doing for six years now. Today, I am revising the manuscript of JIHADI, getting it ready for its big January tour among US literary agents. The current draft weighs in at 119,000 words. I remember when it was about ten pages long, and I was showing it off to patient friends like +Daoud Ali back while I still lived in Worcester, Massachusetts. (My family and I have since moved to Charlotte, North Carolina.)

It's been a long journey. Along the way, thanks to interactive media, I've gotten great feedback and encouragement from readers in:

The United States
Saudi Arabia

and now ... Iran!

Banoo Mahtab, aka +Islam in Persia, recently sent me this from Tehran:

Which was immediately followed by +Richard Gibney 's assessment from Dublin:

And earlier in the week, from +Katya Mills, out in that distant western land of reinvention never more than tentatively identified as California, this:

This kind of global support gives a guy courage to carry on! I have the best beta readers in the world.

To read an excerpt from the opening chapter of +JIHADI (novel by Brandon Toropov) , click on the picture of my #cat Paprika, below.

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