Thursday, February 20, 2014

Paul McCartney shows me how to mash a proper batch of potatoes

You thought I was kidding, eh? You thought this was some obscure pop-culture reference, under which "Paul McCartney" or "mash" or "potatoes" actually signified something else, something far less interesting, so you don't actually get to SEE Paul McCartney showing how to mash a proper batch of potatoes, right?

Wrong-o, Mary Lou. Here is Macca showing you, me, everybody enrolled in Mrs. Salem's English Class back at Tamalpais High School, circa 1979, and everybody everywhere else for that matter, how to do the Trick What Ought to Be Done, potato-wise.

I pause only to point out that potatoes, onions, and Paul McCartney all happen (!) to figure in my novel JIHADI, which see, see, and see again.