Sunday, February 2, 2014

Philip Seymour Hoffman dies at 46 and I can only think of one film: SYNECHDOCHE, NEW YORK

Shocking news: #PhilipSeymourHoffman  has died. He will be missed. You'll be hearing a lot about him, but less than you should about SYNECHDOCHE, NEW YORK. One of the great performances of our time, scandalously underappreciated. We just lost a great talent, and if you ever want proof of that, watch this film twice.

"But though the ideas that drive 'Synecdoche, New York' are difficult and sometimes abstruse, the feelings it explores are clear and accessible. These include the anxiety of artistic creation, the fear of love and the dread of its loss, and the desperate sense that your life is rushing by faster than you can make sense of it. A sad story, yes, but fittingly for a movie bristling with paradoxes and conundrums, also extremely funny."  -- NEW YORK TIMES

This performance for the ages was one of the starting-points for my novel JIHADI.

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