Saturday, February 1, 2014

THE KILL #flashfiction

(The plan that has emerged: Weekly bursts of microfiction, copyrighted but open for inspection, as  +JIHADI (novel by Brandon Toropov) makes its phased, maddeningly slow tour of elite slush piles. A sample chapter for JIHADI can be found here. The piece below was chosen as one of the top four at +Siobhan Muir's site yesterday.)

"You have to bring the right tool for the kill." Not the inscription I would have chosen for the inside of a wedding ring, but indulging Emily was now my weakness.

She’d told me, weeks ago and in deference to my loathing of the outdoors, that it was all a metaphor, that engraving. The saying probably had some intricate family history, deriving from their various free-from survivalist competitions. Emily’s late father had made quite a name for himself in this field.

"A metaphor for what, exactly, dear?" I was whispering in her ear on the night of our rehearsal dinner, a little embarrassed at not having pressed the point earlier. Our courtship had been brief.

"WHAT's a metaphor for WHAT, Bookworm?" Emily’s green eyes gleamed. Her lean face was flushed, her tight red former-jockette-curls shorn nearly to baldness in anticipation of our journey to the banks of the Amazon. Insects or something.

"The engraving," I whispered.

"I said that was a METAPHOR?" Shouting over the music.


She laughed, again too loud.

"WHATEVER, BOOKWORM" she bellowed, and downed a half-glass of deep red wine.

Never seen her inebriated.

I took a deep breath, steadied the sudden trembling in my hands.

"What's the name of the hotel we'll be staying in, down in Colombia, dear?"

"WHAT hotel? Mm. Wait. I remember what it was a metaphor for. Sex. It was a metaphor for sex."

Her laugh rang out again, the laugh of a woman comfortable beneath the moon.
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