Monday, March 10, 2014

The Left-Brain/Right-Brain Thing Is Absurd

"Logical and analytic? That happens on the left side of your brain. Creative and intuitive? That happens on the right side of your brain." You've heard that for years, right? And the optional variation that the "sides" are reversed for left-handed people?

Actually, the brain is far more complex than that, says this cool HuffPost article -- not least because there are many different kinds of creativity. The article goes on to outline eighteen habits of highly creative people. (Yay, I do all of them! I'm validated as a person.) Well worth a read. 

I remember seeing teaching materials for elementary school kids based on this misguided left-brain/right-brain pseudo-science. (I spent four years teaching elementary and middle school English and social studies.) Though this familiar nonsense is easy to remember and easy to repeat, it is decades behind current brain science. File under: Nope.