Thursday, April 3, 2014

C is for CAT #atozchallenge

The theme for the month is my novel, six years in utero, which just made the second round of the ABNA competition.

I had a magnificent support system as I worked on this tale of mine, JIHADI: A LOVE STORY, but one beta reader in particular stood out. The friend who was most patient, the friend who kept up the firmest, most unconditional belief in the manuscript for the longest time, was my cat Paprika. She read the screen by my side, over my shoulder, and from various other angles. I suspect she's studied the book more carefully than I have.

I think of the room where I am typing now as "my study," but in reality it is Paprika's place. The sound of me working on the manuscript often interested her, and even inspired her, from time to time, to make suggestions about the novel. This was only appropriate, as a cat (a very different one) is a major character in the novel. Early on, as I toiled on the very first chapters, Paprika had valuable insights to share on feline motivation.

She even lets me nap here sometimes. I thank her for that and for everything.