Sunday, April 20, 2014

S is for SHARE (as in "When are you sharing more of your novel?") #atozchallenge

Lots of people have asked when I will start sharing larger chunks of JIHADI: A LOVE STORY. 

Here's the answer.

TODAY. Take a look at the AMAZON excerpt of my ABNA Quarterfinalist novel JIHADI: A LOVE STORY.This is the first 5000 words of the book, the biggest upload so far. 

The Amazon judges want to see what people think of these opening chapters. Your opinion matters!

JUNE 13. If the book makes it to the next round, I will upload another excerpt from the novel, via this blog, to celebrate that. 

JULY 8. If JIHADI makes it to the Final Five, I'll upload another excerpt!

Right now, the very best way to help us reach the point where I share the whole book with the whole world (by, um, winning the contest) is to write an Amazon review of the FREE Kindle download of chapters one, two, and three of JIHADI: A LOVE STORY.

 Click the image to get a Kindle excerpt of JIHADI: A LOVE STORY,

Please click here, read the excerpt, and leave a review!