Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hints that will help you solve the great #JIHADI: A LOVE STORY #puzzle

Thank you to everyone who's entered. The person who correctly identifies the most faces gets a signed copy of the manuscript. As of now, this is the only way to get a physical copy of the book! Email me or leave guesses in the comment boxes below. I'll announce a winner on Monday.

HINTS: The guy in the lower left-hand corner was EXPERIENCEd. The guy in glasses right next to him was BIG on SLEEP.

The LIDDELL girl is positioned right below a movie star who was also BIG on SLEEP. Immediately beneath her is someone who is not, contrary to popular opinion, Maya Angelou, but who is BELOVED.

The guy at the very bottom, in the middle, appears on the US five-dollar bill. The guy right above him doesn't, and he SOUNDs FURIous about it.

The guy in the upper-left-hand corner looks a little PALE. He was born in Russia. Maybe that's why. The guy right next to him, however, has spent some time in the SUN.

The woman popping bubble-gum just released this outstanding album, which you should buy. The guy directly above and to the right of her has the same first name as my novel's protagonist.

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