Sunday, June 8, 2014

By the Numbers

6: Years in on my novel JIHADI: A LOVE STORY. Current draft complete February 2014.

2: Number of times I made this novel the focus of my National Novel Writing Month efforts. (2012 and 2013. The second time was illegal. Sssh.)

400,000: Total words generated along the way (approximate)

116,508: Current word count

21: Number of beta readers who reviewed and critiqued all or part of the manuscript.

10,000: Number of initial competitors the novel faced in 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest.

499: Number of competitors the novel faces right now.

5: Days left until the judges announce the next cut, which will bring the field from 500 down to 25.

88: Number of reviews left on Amazon's US site, as of today, for the brief JIHADI: A LOVE STORY excerpt that is available here.

4.7: Average number of stars, out of five, the excerpt has received from these reviews.

43: Number of faces appearing in the on-line puzzle I created for the novel, each face representing a figure directly or indirectly referenced in the text.

0: Number of direct references in the novel, or its puzzle, to George W. Bush.

1: Number of shadowy characters in the novel referred to as "the Commander in Chief."