Sunday, August 24, 2014

Reviews of JIHADI: A LOVE STORY -- "Modern American classic"

These include ABNA competition reader reviews of which I took screen shots before the Powers That Be whisked my excerpt and its 4.7/5.0 average into the memory hole. Orenda Books publishes the ebook on December 24 and the physical book in February.

The PW review of the ABNA draft, which you can read more about here, called JIHADI: A LOVE STORY "smart and searing." (Note that PW reviewed every ABNA quarterfinalist's manuscript.)

Other reviews include:

(She later wrote, after receiving and tearing through the whole manuscript:)

(and back to ABNA:)

Then there's this from dear friends and patient beta readers:

Below is from +Richard Gibney :

And one more review, this one from beta-reader +Adella Wright,  who has read a startling number of early drafts, as well as the final draft:

You can order the book here.