Sunday, September 14, 2014

McKellan's KING LEAR via Trevor Nunn and the coming apocalypse

Re-watched, on DVD, Ian McKellan's magnificent 2007 performance of KING LEAR last night, and I have a feeling I will be watching it yet again and again as FREED moves forward. LEAR is one foundation-stone of the second novel FREED. Another is Dickens's NICHOLAS NICKLEBY.

The production (YouTube excerpt below) is directed by Trevor Nunn, and is, from all I can tell, a faithful video capture of this London performance, which I did not see. The review of that London show seems to be discussing essentially the same event, and references a "universe deprived of divine sanctions in which barbarism is rampant." Sounds like Gaza in the early twenty-first century to me.

McKellan rather looks like my Papa in this performance, another whiff of synchronicity. (Family members, note the resemblance in the screen grab below.) If this role can be performed any better than Sir Ian performs it, I for one do not see how.