Saturday, November 1, 2014

Publishing #literaryfiction in installments: pro or con?

I've had lots of people ask where they can buy a copy of JIHADI; A LOVE STORY. As of now, the answer is, alas, "Nowhere," because my agent is shopping it around to editors at publishing houses whose decision timelines are best measured in geological epochs. The opening chapter is here, though.

Frustrated with this state of affairs, I considered publishing my second novel FREED in installments. I was talked out of this by people who argued that it was impossible, or at least absurdly difficult, to market literary fiction on the installment plan.

Then my cat Paprika suggested: "Why not ask people?"

So I'm asking you. Here are the opening chapters of FREED. If you want to buy Chapters Four through Six on Kindle, for ninety-nine cents, drop Paprika a line here,    If I get enough people willing to subscribe, maybe I'll go for it. Please put the word "Paprika" in the subject line.