Friday, March 27, 2015

Andreas Lubitz was not a terrorist because ... um ...

... he wasn't acting as part of a group. (No, wait, there are terrorists who act alone.)

... he was depressed. (No, wait, terrorists can be depressed.)

... he wasn't acting on behalf of a religious belief. (No, wait, terrorists don't have to be religiously motivated.)

Hmm ... hang on ... I'll figure it out ... GOT IT!


See also Juan Cole's fine summary of the Top Ten Differences between White Terrorists and Others.

((Addendum: Yes, I do realize that most mainstream definitions of terrorism emphasize a desire to impose a political agenda by means of violence; no, there are no signs of a political agenda in Lubitz's case. I'm making a point, not so much about Lubitz's motivations or state of mind, but about the mainstream media's urge to attribute such events to some global Muslim plot against civilization. 3-29-15))