Saturday, June 13, 2015

13 Great Opening Lines You Probably Haven't Read Yet

Coilin O Haodha
He could never remember exactly when he had fallen in love with the ghost that lived in the shadow on the half-landing of the second stairs. -- Coilin O Haodha, FAITHLESS-HEART

Edna and I had started down from Kalispell, heading for Tampa-St. Pete where I still had some friends from the old glory days who wouldn't turn me in to the police. -- Richard Ford, ROCK SPRINGS

Justice? — You get justice in the next world, in this world you have the law. — William Gaddis, A FROLIC OF HIS OWN

At night stray dogs come up underneath our house to lick our leaking pipes. -- Mark Richard, STRAYS

"Take my camel, dear," said my Aunt Dot, as she climbed down from this animal on her return from High Mass. — Rose Macaulay, THE TOWERS OF TREBIZOND

"Tell me things I won't mind forgetting," she said. "Make it useless stuff or skip it." -- Amy Hempel, IN THE CEMETERY WHERE AL JOLSON IS BURIED

Ho Chi Minh came to me again last night, his hands covered with confectioners' sugar. -- Robert Olen Butler, A GOOD SCENT FROM A STRANGE MOUNTAIN

A woman I don't know is boiling tea the Indian way in my kitchen. -- BHARATI MUKHERJEE, The Management of Grief

Every now and again, as if on a whim, the federal government people would write to Marie Delaveaux Wilson in one of those white, stampless envelopes and tell her to come in to their place so they could take another look at her. -- Edward P. Jones, MARIE

When I was twelve years old, my father was tall and awesome. -- Stephanie Vaughn, ABLE, BAKER, CHARLIE, DOG

To begin, then, here is a scene in which I am the man and my friend Sarah Cole is the woman. -- Russell Banks, SARAH COLE: A TYPE OF LOVE STORY

Two nurses with scissors could make a man naked in eleven seconds. -- Melanie Rae Thon, FIRST, BODY

They made love then once more because she was leaving him. -- Mary Dorcey, THE HUSBAND