Tuesday, June 2, 2015

JIHADI: A LOVE STORY -- Phase Two, in which Yusuf commemorates the Normandy Invasion

JIHADI: A LOVE STORY is a novel about an American Muslim accused of terrorism.

You can read an excerpt here.

A tight little 140-word summary of the 119,000-word novel is here.

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Phase Two commences June 6, 2015, the seventy-first anniversary of the Allied invasion of Normandy, and of Anne Frank's writing the words "where there's hope, there's life," and of the birth of my late aunt Tina Mitchell, and of who knows what other important events.

Via a powerful, daily, global conversation about coexistence and literature and culture, I am creating the possibility of harmonious acceptance in the Middle East, USA, and Europe by December 31 2016.

In keeping with that goal, this blog posts daily from June 6, 2015 onward, Godwilling.

P.S.: Some of the followers of this space already know who all the people in the puzzle below are. Some don't. Whether you know who they are or not, the individuals in the collage below all show up, directly or indirectly, in the text of the novel. If you think you know who they are, e-mail me for a No-Prize.