Tuesday, June 30, 2015

You will not read a better thriller this year than THE ABRUPT PHYSICS OF DYING

Just a superb debut from Paul Hardisty, and an inspired reconfiguration of the genre. With all this going on, perhaps the world needed a great eco-thriller in 2015 a little more than we needed another superhero infusion. We got one. Here's a sample:

Above the din, a voice rose from the back of the room. Heads twisted to listen; the men quietened. A young man dressed Saudi-style in a flowing white robe stood against the back wall, one hand resting on a young boy's shoulder. He was tall, clean-shaven, light-skinned, almost European-looking. He was Clay's age, maybe younger. He spoke slowly, his voice like wind sculpting rock, deep and resonant.
   'The poison that afflicts our children comes from the facility. It comes in the air, down the wadi, when the cool winds blow from the plateau. We can smell it, foul like the vapours of hell. This is done by the government and the company to push us from our land. It is intentional.'

Bring on the movie.

I look for more from Claymore Straker.