Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Forgotten Baseball Players

Half-Handed Luke (Led the league in appearances without an out recorded, 1909. Exploded unexpectedly in the final game of the 1912 season.)

Red-Chested Billy Bob (An 1890s-era All Star and amateur birdwatcher. After his career wound down, he was arrested multiple times by his uncle, a police officer, for "being an unsavory person in or near public transit facility.")

Fingerless Joe Smith ("The Wonder of West Covina," he had his fingers surgically removed as part of a publicity campaign meant to dissuade children from using power tools. The digits were all successfully reattached by means of duct tape in the early 1920s, leaving him with no sensation in his hands, but also with the capacity to throw a virtually unhittable knuckleball.)

Backhanded Limbless Fred (He may have projected the ball from his mouth. There are accounts from the early 1940s suggesting he was fitted with a set of prosthetic lips adapted specially to this purpose.)