Friday, July 24, 2015

Monty Python Quiz: The Nine Faces of Terry Jones

I could always spot John Cleese, no matter what role he was playing. Michael Palin put on lots of different outfits, but for some reason I always recognized his voice, no matter what he did with it. Graham Chapman was Graham Chapman. Eric Idle was Eric Idle. Then there was that weird guy they never gave any lines to -- I learned eventually that that was the American, Terry Gilliam, and honestly, I usually wasn't looking for him in the early years, because he was so rarely the center of attention.

But who was that other guy who kept showing up? Terry Jones was the last member of the Monty Python troupe whose name I learned. I think it was because he was such a chameleon. Perhaps he was the most versatile of the troupe. A case can be made for Palin on that front, though.

Which Terry Jones roles are which in the photos below? (The first one is no role, just Terry circa 1970.) Email me with your best guess. Answers tomorrow.