Saturday, July 4, 2015

The best thing to do on July 4: Watch this video

I have all kinds of problems with the Obama Administration's habitual reliance upon killer robots and Orwellian euphemisms, and I am not eager to be mistaken for one of the president's unthinking cheerleaders, but I think everyone in America and beyond who hasn't yet done so ought to watch this eulogy in its entirety. Today would be a great day to do that.

Eloquence well deployed, for the lasting benefit of a people, is both a great and a rare thing. Heads of state get more chances than the rest of us to leave an enduring positive impact with a well-crafted speech. Some actually score. This speech, like Winston Churchill's "their finest hour" radio address and John F. Kennedy's "we are all mortal" speech at American University, qualifies as historic. It is, I think, worth watching this and every Independence Day.