Tuesday, July 14, 2015

US Attorney General Lynch is choosing not to prosecute Bruce Jessen, James Mitchell, and the APA for #torture

Physicians for Social Responsibility is now calling for prosecution of executives of the American Psychological Association, which greenlighted the CIA's torture program and stilled internal dissent from psychologists who objected to it in 2005.

The New York Times identifies Jessen and Mitchell, contract psychologists, as architects of the program. These two men designed and implemented it. "In the process," the Times writes, "they made tens of millions of dollars under contracts that their critics within the C.I.A. warned at the time gave them financial incentives to repeatedly use the most brutal techniques."

Can we imagine a foreign government targeting US citizens with such a program -- with approval from the highest executive levels? Wait. We now live in a world where we must imagine that.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch should prosecute these people. If you agree, please take action by clicking here.

A clip from the New York Times featuring Bruce Jessen and James Mitchell.