Thursday, September 3, 2015


Having revised, rewritten, re-fussed-over, re-edited, and reread (aloud!) JIHADI: A LOVE STORY for an hour or so a day over the past seven months, I sent that manuscript off Monday to She Who Must Be Obeyed, +Karen Sullivan, publisher at Orenda Books. The book is slated for a 2016 release.

Back in January, Karen gave me great, penetrating, tough notes on that book. I didn't think executing her suggestions would take me the better part of a year, but I'm glad it did.  An incremental, paragraph-at-a-time approach to this latest edit allowed me to get ruthless about what needed to go, what needed to stay, and what needed to be reimagined.

From a high point of 125,000 words, the novel is now down to 110,000, and I believe they are, most of them anyway, the right words. We'll see what Karen has to say.

Now it's back to FREED, the WIP I put on hold. Target word count today is 600. There is something liberating about returning to the world of writing first-draft fiction, of not being sure yet where something goes, or whether it will go anywhere at all.

It's another one with a cat.