Sunday, March 6, 2016

Balancing the horror of a fascist getting closer to a major-party presidential nomination with the entertainment value of the GOP disintegrating

A brokered convention -- one in which no one candidate secures the necessary majority of delegates, and deals must be made during the convention itself to determine the nominee -- is now a realistic possibility for the Republicans. This hasn't happened to the GOP since 1948.

It's a strange, strange year.

The spectacle of the Republican Party elite rupturing publicly with the supporters of the leading candidate for the presidency is not something I thought I would see in my lifetime. Their plan appears to be to attempt to prevent any candidate from securing the necessary 1200+ delegates.

It's all quite fascinating. And terrifying. Maybe less terrifying if you keep repeating to yourself that Il Duce (Trump) can't possibly make inroads into Latino and African-American constituencies in a general election. In fact, it's hard to see how a divided, dysfunctional Republican party, led by any nominee, could overcome a well-organized Clinton campaign in November, barring the entry of some third-party candidate.

For a persuasive case that Trump's fascism is more reminiscent of that of Mussolini than that of Hitler, see this excellent article by Lorraine Berry.

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