Sunday, September 11, 2016

Make No Mistake: Clinton Is Under Attack Because She Is a Woman (#ImWithHer) (#video)

Hillary Clinton has now become the target of the broadest, ugliest, coarsest, and longest-running character assassination/disinformation campaign in modern American political history. Click the image below for proof of this, but don't watch the video while the kids are around.

 Sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton

Make no mistake. This series of sexist attacks is intensifying ... but not because of any specific policy misstep that Clinton's opponents can elucidate. (In an interesting parallel development, the Trump campaign's senior policy development team recently disintegrated.)

This series of sexist attacks is intensifying ... but not because of any credible, real-world evidence of corruption that anyone can produce or even summarize. (Indeed, the Trump camp's manifest record of bribery of public officials should be Topic A in this campaign, but for some reason it isn't.) 

This series of sexist attacks is intensifying ... but not because of any credible claim against Clinton's qualifications in comparison with those of her opponent.  (Quite the contrary. The former acting director of the CIA official publicly endorsed Clinton -- remarkable in itself -- and went on to note his view that "Donald J. Trump is not only unqualified for the job, but he may well pose a threat to our national security.")

  • No. The unprecedented venality, profanity, and intensity of the sexist attacks against Hillary Clinton are are happening, and intensifying, simply because she is female. 
  • We need to notice this. 
  • Again: The attacks we are seeing daily have one and only one unifying factor: fear and loathing of a qualified woman's daring to seek the presidency. 

That is the reality US progressives and feminists now face in this campaign.

Whether someone else should have been or could have been nominated is beside the point. Whether Hillary represents all of our favorite causes, exactly as we would, is beside the point. Whether she was our first choice is beside the point.

What matters now is whether we will allow hatred, and specifically hatred of powerful, intelligent women, to determine the political culture of this nation.

If we are complacent in the face of the well-funded, vigorous, vicious, and fundamentally misogynistic attempt to smear this candidate, then we will get what we deserve: a dangerous, unqualified, woman-hating Fascist taking the oath of office on the 20th of January, 2017 -- and continuing the war on women from the White House.

Please, please, please click here to help Hillary Clinton win on November 8.