Friday, September 30, 2016

Suppose we all call him "DONALD" from this point forward.

The Democratic nominee never said a word about "Mr. Trump" in the recent debate. Did you notice?

It was always "Donald."

This was a shrewd tactic, and it clearly rattled the Fascist candidate. Mrs. Clinton placed a bet that this man really, really doesn't like being called "Donald." And the bet paid off.

Personally, I think the practice should continue for the rest of his life.

His doorman should call him "Donald." His limo driver should call him "Donald." Random strangers passing him on the street should call out, "Donald! Great to see you!"

Let's all do that, please, and let's take note, too, of what is perhaps the most important takeaway yet from this improbable election. When someone disrespects Donald, he falls apart. Click the image below for proof.

 Donald falls apart

Is a man so easily baited, so clearly incapable of managing his own emotions, really to be trusted to handle the provocations of Kim Jong-Un or Vladimir Putin?