Thursday, November 10, 2016

Protect the Future: Abolish the Electoral College

Yes. It's over. Those of us who voted to support values of tolerance and inclusion in 2016 lost. We are entitled to our grief and our anger about that. But now that we are on Day Two of whatever new era this is going to be, let's channel that grief and anger into something constructive that will protect people. Let's notice that the reason we lost was that the rules under which we were operating are antiquated and unworkable.

Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the election. That fact needs discussion.

Despite this election result, we are not an ugly country. We are not a country devoted to oppressing minorities. The US election system, with its disaster-prone Electoral College, has simply failed us. It has done that by electing a president who did not receive the most popular votes five times out of a possible forty-five, and twice in the last sixteen years. That is too high a failure rate for a modern democracy.

We need to update the Constitution.

Sign this petition as a first step.