Thursday, November 10, 2016

Notes from a Republic In Exile

Thoughts from Ireland, at the moment a saner, safer nation than my own, and a haven for which I am grateful to God:

The prevailing post-election wisdom from various beloved tribal elders is that Americans should now find a way to unite behind Feckface Von Clownstick. Respect him. Praise him. Follow him. I am sorry. No matter how many times I hear that kind of speech, no matter how earnestly it is delivered, I still feel this wave of visceral disgust rising from the pit of my stomach.

After what has gone down, he has to earn that respect. He does not get it automatically.

To the extent that HE respects democratic values, human rights, the principle of equality, and the norms of civilized behavior, I will RETURN respect.

In the event that he doesn't, this particular presidency may consider itself on time out. And I curate the official archives of the League of Intrepid Readers as a proud member of the Diaspora.