Saturday, April 22, 2017

On the Bard's 453rd Birthday, Take the Shakespeare Trivia Quiz

To celebrate Shakespeare's birthday, see how high you score on my SHAKESPEARE TRIVIA TEST. Answers Monday.

What actor originated the role of Macbeth?

Was KING LEAR originally presented to audiences as a tragedy or a history?

What comic actor left Shakespeare's company around 1599 and concocted a publicity stunt involving dancing?

Which two actors in Shakespeare's company oversaw the publication of his plays in 1623?

How old was Shakespeare when he married Anne Hathaway?

What do we know with certainty happened to Shakespeare between 1585 and 1592?

What "university wit" attacked Shakespeare in print, calling him an "upstart crow"?

What theater did Shakespeare's company build on the south bank of the Thames in 1599?

Who is the protagonist of the Shakespeare play JULIUS CAESAR?

What is the shortest play attributed to Shakespeare?

How do we know for certain that April 23 really is Shakespeare's birthday?

Bonus question: Who wrote this book?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Working on the new novel

That, plus a bout of post-election depression, explains the silence here since December.

The novel is helping with my mood.